I am very excited to announce ellitennant.com has officially been moved to a new site!   This is something that's been on the "to do list" a very long time and finally... after much procrastination...  I took the time to complete it.  My new site will be updated with new works and my hope is to eventually open an online shop as well. The blog will stay under this domain *ellitennant.blogger.com* and is easily accessible from my site (just click on "blog" at the top).   This has honestly been put on hold for many reasons, but I am hoping it will take a slightly different direction.  Thanks for visiting, supporting, and stay tuned!  

xo  elli

Recent Commissions

16x20 Acrylic on Canvas  (detail above)

Here is a sweet commission I recently completed.  Such a tender moment and I loved capturing it for this amazing family!  If you are interested in getting an original commission done, please contact me at: elli.tennant@gmail.com  

Summer Listening

A few of my favorite sounds over this past year include songs from The Preatures, Coldplay, Pnau, Sylvan Esso and many more various artists.  My playlists are a combination of upbeat and relaxing songs that keep me going, especially when seeking inspiration while I am painting and creating.  
Enjoy! xo

Listen here

John Singer Sargent

If you have not been over to see the Sargent watercolor exhibition at the MFAH, I highly recommend you do so before it leaves on May 26th!! My husband and I took my mom for Mother's Day and it was absolutely inspiring.  Sargent has been and is even more so one of my favorite painters. I never realized how many works he painted in his lifetime...with so many different mediums and subjects. Some facts I learned while at the museum: Sargent was an American painter, trained in France, living in Europe during most of his adult life.  He was also one of the leading portrait artists of his time.   He painted more than 2,000 watercolors in his lifetime  (Wow! I have painted about…10 in my lifetime!)  Sargent pretty much painted all day everyday, not missing a beat.  His use of light and color is absolutely stunning. One of my favorite pieces from this exhibit is Simplon Pass, The Tease- the lounging figures, those folds, the movement and light!!  If you look close at his work, the whites are actually not only white, he uses a combination of several colors (beautiful greens, blues, purples, grays, browns) creating creases, folds, and shadows…while using very little white.  Each painting captures the moments almost frozen in time and there is so much history in each piece.  Well done Sargent…well done.

 Gondoliers' Siesta, c. 1904

 Villa di Marlia, Lucca , 1910

Simplon Pass- The Tease 1911

Corfu- The Terrace 

La Blancharia 


Today was a very exciting day...after many back and forth decisions on getting a studio space away from home...We finally did it!  I have not had a space since art school, so this feels somewhat new to me...entering the houston art community for real! After years of painting out of my mom's garage, my living room and now our "office/studio", I will be able to call this place my studio.  Don't get me wrong, if you can paint from home, the more power to you. I just find it very difficult with all the distractions (dogs, cleaning, etc...not to mention I tend to procrastinate).  On top of that, I'm just not one of those people who can successfully produce a series of work when I don't want to get paint on the floor..Spreading out and getting dirty is when it really feels like painting and creating. There are definantly ways to make it work- if there is a good place at your house or above your garage that allows you to set up shop- go for it!! I dream for a future house with a studio:)    For me, this space will open up a lot of doors for me, allow me to disconnect from a busy day and embrace a part of me that has been missing for a while. As my friend Kathryn told me today: "The possibilities are endless!" 

(Thank you to my amazing mom and my sweet + supportive husband for going with me today). 

on the easel

The painting above was an example of my work for our school gala auction.  Who ever bid the most got a commission, by me, of their own children. I was flattered, there were a lot of bidders! The painting is now an auction item I  donated to the Cattle Barons Ball.  I absolutely love this piece.  Maybe its the innocence of children playing, the closeness + happiness that siblings/family can bring or the fact that I am so ready for some warm weather + a beach vacation! Both my husband and I became attached to this beach portrait, as it was hanging in our living room for a while.  Whatever home this ends up in, may it bring good vibes and happy memories.   

ready to frame and hang

Chinese brush painting- (sumi-e) Running horse, ink on rice paper.  
Sumi-e sunflower, ink on rice paper

My Chinese brush painting class was so much fun!  Lots of practice and patience is required...because you can not manipulate or change the paint like oils or acrylics. The rice paper absorbs the paint and water so quickly,  it can be very frustrating:/  But a few good pieces out of it is very rewarding. Now time to get back to my own paintings. 

***I do want to share an online gallery I recently discovered:  http://saatchionline.com  Basically, it allows artists from all over the world post their works including photography, drawing and painting.  Lots of talent out there!  I did post a few figurative paintings..but have no idea if there will be any response.  There are curators and buyers looking at the art as well.  Its a great place for us artists to get exposed and great for those who want to purchase for their own.*** cheers!  

on the easel

Chinese brush painting sunflowers

Chinese brush painting horses

In the "studio" all day yesterday, getting inspired.  A few weeks ago was my first try at Chinese brush painting-don't let it fool you, it's a lot harder than it looks!! These are just a few rough studies I've done over the past few weeks. My hope is to get really good at this...who knows when this technique will come in handy?!