In progress...

A beach series I am working on for an upcoming first series of landscapes-Makes me want to go back the beach!!  These Pictures were mostly taken in the Bahamas, when we went for vacation- it was off season, so we practically had the entire beach to ourselves, which was nice.

Please excuse the terrible flash reflecting off of this!  I need to take these down again out of the frame and re-shoot.  
This was taken from a photo I took when I was visiting a friend in Chicago- they have a beach right in the middle of the city, which was so neat to see people lounging around on a Sunday afternoon…I loved the composition and color palette it forced me to use.   The background is more of a loose look at the beach/sand..I did not want to take too much from the figures, which are clearly the main focus.  
This was taken outside our hotel room- this was our view of the beach where we stayed in the Bahamas. 

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