Art class

Starting my new art class tomorrow. Im sitting here, organizing all the supplies- anticipating meeting all the new little artists I will have this semester (8 students, 4-6 yrs. old). It will be fun to help guide them to explore and teach them fun art techniques. My goal is to start documenting as much as I can, photographing their work to keep in a portfolio and exploring new fun projects- getting as creative as possible! Kids art is honestly so inspiring to me because they usually don't care about the little mistakes, just dive in and no matter what it looks like, they are so proud...and it always ends up looking awesome anyway because its not premeditated. Each do it in their own personal way- which becomes more difficult as an adult artist, because we tend to think too much about the results or what people might think ( at least that's how I feel sometimes. continually getting "artists block", where I feel no inspiration). So I hope to bring some of this great inspiration and free spirited artwork to my blog, and share some amazing ideas!