Goals for summer

Well, seems that summer has officially begun! I have literally been designing my blog and figuring out how to use it for the past few weeks. Not the easiest task, but finally starting to get it all.  Now my new goal is to post more frequently (daily) with things that capture my interest, inspire me, or just about my daily life/routine.  With this, hopefully it will attract more viewers to follow me.  My other goals for the summer time is to paint more and take better quality photos of my work to post + share.  One thing I have noticed makes a huge difference in a blog: the photographs! And with that, I just accidentally deleted a lot of my older posts...I cringed when it happened... it all happened so fast! And there is no way, that I am aware of, to undo my mistake. Let's just call it a "happy accident" because that is truly what it is.  My old posts had terrible pictures of my old work that I never liked in the first place.  The only negative thing about it is that a lot of the paintings I had pictures of, I no longer have with me (sold or commission work).  Starting from square one, not so bad...may even be re-energizing!  The inner me is saying "you must paint more to make up for the lost images"...I'll take it! Need some motivation around here.

The picture above is from our vacation to the Bahamas last summer...oh me oh my was that the most beautiful place! We rented a boat (even though neither of us know how to drive a boat...) and the water was crystal clear. When we would snorkel, you could stand in the ocean on the white sand floor- the best part about that was you could just reach down and grab a handful of sand dollars.  I took some with me...mostly the ones I assumed were dead...This is one of those places we will be going back to, continuing the Tennant family tradition.

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