June Art Camp

I had 8 girls (ages 5-8) join my art camp this June.  I basically started them off with a free expression day, giving them a chance to explore the materials and get more comfortable with me.  The following 4 days we would "study" a new artist. I highly recommend this book: 13 Artists Children Should Know.  It goes over 13 famous artists, with a complete bio and pictures of their work.  My students LOVED looking through this book.  It has all the interesting facts and info you would ever need to know about each artist and it is age appropriate, even for my younger students:) I continued with my Picasso portraits, Van Gogh Sunflowers, and Monet Tulip Field with Windmill paintings.  Here are a few examples:

The Picasso portraits are very open: the sillier the better!  Some of the girls even decided to put designs on their shirts and trace their own hand for the portrait- it adds another fun element to the composition! Did I mention these girls were amazing helpers?! I could not believe it, they helped clean up everything, everyday at the end of the class.  It is one of my rules to clean up your own area/mess- they did an excellent job! 

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