ready to frame and hang

Chinese brush painting- (sumi-e) Running horse, ink on rice paper.  
Sumi-e sunflower, ink on rice paper

My Chinese brush painting class was so much fun!  Lots of practice and patience is required...because you can not manipulate or change the paint like oils or acrylics. The rice paper absorbs the paint and water so quickly,  it can be very frustrating:/  But a few good pieces out of it is very rewarding. Now time to get back to my own paintings. 

***I do want to share an online gallery I recently discovered:  Basically, it allows artists from all over the world post their works including photography, drawing and painting.  Lots of talent out there!  I did post a few figurative paintings..but have no idea if there will be any response.  There are curators and buyers looking at the art as well.  Its a great place for us artists to get exposed and great for those who want to purchase for their own.*** cheers!  

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