John Singer Sargent

If you have not been over to see the Sargent watercolor exhibition at the MFAH, I highly recommend you do so before it leaves on May 26th!! My husband and I took my mom for Mother's Day and it was absolutely inspiring.  Sargent has been and is even more so one of my favorite painters. I never realized how many works he painted in his lifetime...with so many different mediums and subjects. Some facts I learned while at the museum: Sargent was an American painter, trained in France, living in Europe during most of his adult life.  He was also one of the leading portrait artists of his time.   He painted more than 2,000 watercolors in his lifetime  (Wow! I have painted about…10 in my lifetime!)  Sargent pretty much painted all day everyday, not missing a beat.  His use of light and color is absolutely stunning. One of my favorite pieces from this exhibit is Simplon Pass, The Tease- the lounging figures, those folds, the movement and light!!  If you look close at his work, the whites are actually not only white, he uses a combination of several colors (beautiful greens, blues, purples, grays, browns) creating creases, folds, and shadows…while using very little white.  Each painting captures the moments almost frozen in time and there is so much history in each piece.  Well done Sargent…well done.

 Gondoliers' Siesta, c. 1904

 Villa di Marlia, Lucca , 1910

Simplon Pass- The Tease 1911

Corfu- The Terrace 

La Blancharia